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A Little Payment Toward Debt

May 3rd, 2007 at 07:57 am

Yesterday I was able to pay only $100 toward our last big debt. There were a couple of other credit cards that had small amounts on them that took away from the amount that we can normally pay each paycheck toward the big debt.

Plus, we're going to a wedding this weekend and need a little extra gas $$ for our big 15-passenger van for the trip.

I'm hoping that once these two weddings are over we'll be able to apply more to the big debt.

Another thing to consider: If we move to China, I'll be needing to invest in the next 3 years of homeschooling supplies. Our state's annual convention is the beginning of June, just 15 minutes from our home. It's a great time to purchase books and save on shipping costs.

So it looks like it may be June before we can REALLY start paying down that debt! :-)

1 Responses to “A Little Payment Toward Debt”

  1. madhaus90 Says:

    Good for you! Will you take your van with you? When we were looking into a stint in the UK with DH's work it wasn't worth it for us to bring ours because of the different vehicle emissions things, etc. And as much as I woul have loved the experience, we didn't go. I'm still in awe of how you can homeschool! Did you do this from the start with child 1?

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