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Used Book Sale Coming Up - eBay selling, too

May 24th, 2007 at 09:02 am

Our state homeschool association is having their annual homeschool convention next weekend. Each year they offer a used book sale and items generally sell very well there. I am SO hoping that I'll be able to sell enough to pay a nice chunk on our debt!

We've been ruthlessly going through our books (curriculum, reference and reading) to weed out what we wouldn't absolutely need if we end up in China next year. Yesterday we got 8 shelves weeded down to 3.

As we've been pricing items for the used book sale, I've been putting items on eBay that sell better there. It is so nice to have several items up for auction and more ready to go!

My GOAL from the sale of all of these books is $500. I'm actually hoping for more, but that's the least I hope to walk away with. I'll have to post totals as they come in . . .

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