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Used Book Sale TODAY!

June 1st, 2007 at 04:52 am

Getting ready to bring about 40 boxes (WOW) to today's homeschool used book sale. Dh keeps asking where we got all these books. ~smile~ I'm so excited to make some more $$ to apply to debt!

My goal is $500, which I don't think I'll have any problem reaching. Especially since I'm nearly 1/5 of the way there! (See sidebar.) My DREAM is $1,000 - that may be a reach. However, there's always eBay for whatever doesn't sell at the book sale.

I am also working the book sale from 11am - 11pm. Yikes! Hoping that I'll make it without collapsing (since I'm 6.5 months pg). Smile

Also had another paycheck to apply a little more toward debt. I just keep saying to myself, "Slow and steady wins the race." Helps a little to keep me patient while the debt slowly goes down.


1 Responses to “Used Book Sale TODAY!”

  1. ktmarvels Says:

    Either you live near me or there is a strange coincidence that the next town over is having a homeschool book sale today too. Anyway hope you have a great day selling and don't get too exhausted working the sale. Good Luck!

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