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Paycheck - No Debt Pmt. :-(

June 13th, 2007 at 08:49 pm

Too many other bills due to make a pmt toward our credit card. Did pay off a medical and made a pmt toward pre-baby bills. I'll view that as progress and not stress about the credit card . . . this time.

"Slow and steady" has truly become my motto for paying off the last of the debt. There's only so much that we can do and we'll be diligent, but I need to quit stressing out about it. Remind me of this next paycheck. Smile

1 Responses to “Paycheck - No Debt Pmt. :-(”

  1. koppur Says:

    It takes time, but you are doing great! And paying off the medical stuff and prebaby bills is great too...saving ou from more debt in the future! Keep at it!

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