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I hate going to the dentist

June 21st, 2007 at 06:26 am

But not for the reason you may think. I had to bring 2 daughters to the dentist yesterday for fillings. Frown They have really bad teeth, but we're still going to give a better effort at taking care of our teeth.

Total co-pays were ~$150. Totally wasn't expecting this to come out this month.

Time to go work on pricing for the rummage sale. Now the proceeds will have to go toward debt, trip to see family AND paying off the dentist work. ~sigh~

3 Responses to “I hate going to the dentist”

  1. prodds Says:

    I hate going to the dentist as well. Although I know a visit would be necessary from time to time, I tend to wait until the last minute, when things get worse than they should of.

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